About Us

Neuster is an organization merging its founding components technology, innovation, production and investment capabilities in order to achieve worlds leading business on sterilization products and services.

Institutions all over the globe who performs sterilization as a part of their business activity are customers of Neuster. We serve our products and services to satisfy our customers. Neuster owns and brands its products.

Neuster outsources design, verification, validation, manufacturing and after sales services of its products and focuses on business development, procurement and sales to serves its customers.

We are doing our best to foresee, meet and exceed customer needs and provide complete sterilization solutions integrating innovative technologies product realization capabilities where ever available over the globe with the lowest cost and highest quality and thus sharply reducing the human requirements and costs of its operations.

In order to achieve this goal Neuster closely monitors both its vendors, service providers, customers as its main business activity.




Our mission, is to foresee and satisfy the needs of our customers providing the high end technology with lowest costs and ultimate quality.

Our vision, is to gather design, technology and manufacturing capabilities from providers all over the globe in order to realize products and services relying on close monitoring, strict verification, validation of vendors and service providers and customer feedback.